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Wedding: 9/4/2011

Flawless makeup & hair - Natalie is great!

posted 10/15/2011 The Knot.com
Natalie is absolutely fantastic and I couldn't recommend her more! I was so at ease with her at the trial, that it was so easy to book her on the spot. She did a great job at the trial, but then I decided a few weeks before the wedding to change up my look. I didn't bother getting another trial because I knew Natalie would be able to pull it off and she came through even better than expected.  I received so many compliments on my hair and makeup and felt like a glamorous movie star! I wish I had another big event to attend, so that I could have Natalie do my hair and makeup again!

Wedding: 10/13/2012

Perfected to a T

posted 11/2/2012 The Knot.com
I looked at a lot of profiles before choosing Natalie to do my hair and make-up for my wedding. I keep getting drawn to her profile and her price was the most reasonable. I had my trial run and things went great, she even offered to give me another trial run because she needed a different iron to complete the look I was going for. I could tell from the trial she knew what she was doing and had confidence it would work so I did not make her do another trial. Natalie keep in contact with me up until my wedding and was very professional. 
I was getting married on the Queen Mary and wanted to bring back the feel of the 1930's to my wedding day. I hired her to do my mother's and sister's make-up and hair also. She did a great job and they were very happy with the result. My mother's hair is very thin, I was impressed how full she made her hair look. Natalie listens well and is easy to talk to.
I was going for finger waves that pin up in the back with large curls. I had a few pictures to go from and she pulled it off to a T. The make-up was great, I do not wear much make-up so wanted something not to drastic. I LOVE what she did. I got so many compliments through the night people telling me how great I look and that I looked like a movie star from back in time. I could not have accomplished the feel I was going for with out Natalie.

Wedding: 6/22/2013 


posted 7/10/2013 The Knot.com
Natalie is amazing! On my wedding day she completed 7 hair styles under a tight time frame. Each bridesmaid, two moms, a sister-in-law and flower girl loved her work. My hair was perfect. No other word can explain it! She made us all comfortable that morning. Thank you so much Natalie!

Wedding: 8/11/2012 

My Hero!

posted 8/12/2012 The Knot.com
Natalie is a rock star. She came in and did everyone's hair and makeup and made them look spectacular. Above and beyond that, when the hotel was being evacuated for a fire alarm she rallied the troops!

She got everyone moving. Somehow every bridesmaid and flower girl was carrying something down the stairs. Every dress, shoe, and piece of jewelry was evacuated with us!
Beyond that, she scouted a location for us to continue working on hair and makeup OUTSIDE. She'd grabbed her key gear as well as the antique hair pins I wanted put in my hair [my "something old"] and was all set to keep working.

Because of her quick thinking we were able to keep the prep going and we marched down the aisle ON TIME! My "makeup chair" was a concrete ashtray that we covered in plastic to keep my clothes clean - it was the perfect height. 

On top of it all, she even managed to please my cousin who hates EVERYTHING and is NEVER happy with how anyone does ANYTHING. Oh, and not only were we on time, but she was able to help my mom with her makeup and do my aunt's hair.

Frankly, five stars is just not enough for this wonder-woman!
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Natalie is absolutely awesome! - I did the trial run and she did 4 different hairs for me. I wanted to change my makeup style after the trial and she was so amazing that she offered to do another trial for me FOR FREE!!! She's professional, passionate, courteous, very detail-minded and super friendly!!! I enjoyed every minute with her and I highly recommend Natalie to all!!!!

Sheehan L. on January 4, 2016
5/5 stars Event Hair and Makeup Verified Review

I loved Natalie!! I hired her to do my hair & makeup for my destination beach wedding in San Diego. 
She was easy to communicate with which was important as I was traveling from Kansas City & did not have time for a trial run. 
She drove to meet me at our beach house. It was relaxing for me to be able to stay put & hang out w/ my friends while getting ready. 
Natalie is super personable. We laughed & chit chatted the whole time. 
She listened to my ideas & was able to put together the perfect hairstyle and make up that suited me perfectly. I appreciated not feeling overly made up. 
She helped make my special day PERFECT!!!

Nicole M. on November 24, 2015
5/5 stars Event Makeup Verified Review

She was professional, friendly, went out her way to listen and made sure I was happy. I looked great when she was finished- I will be calling her again and I highly recommend her to anyone!

Deborah L. on November 6, 2015
5/5 stars Wedding Makeup Verified Review

Natalie was amazing! She did an excellent job for the trial and showed up on time for the wedding day. I would recommend her to anyone needing special hair and makeup. She's very professional, fun, and my makeup/hair looked amazing!!!

Carrie N. on October 18, 2015
5/5 stars Event Hair and Makeup Verified Review

Love it! She came to my place, did my hair and makeup timely and the most important, I was BEAUTIFUL!!! Highly recommended!!! Thank you Natalie!

Lymari S. on October 11, 2015
5/5 stars Wedding Hair Styling Verified Review

Natalie is an incredible makeup and hair stylist. She did an amazing job on my wedding date. Everyone complemented my hair. Natalie is very professional. She was early at the venue. She also helped me to stay emotionally calm and feel happy.

Asiia A. on September 9, 2015
5/5 stars Event Hair and Makeup Verified Review

Natalie was the Wedding Artistry Makeup & hair for a total of 8 girls. This was for a sweet sixteen in Eastvale. She completed the job in 4:30 hours. She arrived on time, was very professional and understood our vision. All girls were happy with their hair and makeup. She went above and beyond to try to meet everyone's expectations, without sacrificing the quality of her work. Will definitely work with her again.

Martha S. on February 3, 2015

$75 - Bridal Makeup Artistry - includes makeup, on-location service, travel fee, and makeup touch up kit.
$75 - Bridal Hair Styling - includes hair styling, on-location service, travel fee, hair touch-up kit, decor/veil placement.
$75 - Bridal Makeup Artistry Trial Run - Includes makeup and before/after photos. (1 Hour/2 Looks)
$75 - Bridal Hair Styling Trial Run - Includes bridal hairstyling, hair decor and veil placement. (1 Hour/2Looks)
$10 - Add Lashes to Bridal Makeup Artistry / Trial Run.
$50 - Add Airbrush To Bridal Makeup Artistry / Trial Run.
$50 - Add Hair Extensions To Bridal Hair Styling / Trial Run.

$75 - Bridesmaids Makeup Artistry.
$75 - Bridesmaids Hair Styling - Includes Barrette Placement.
$10 - Add Lashes.
$50 - Add Airbrush Makeup Application.
$50 - Add Extensions.

$65 - Junior Bridesmaids - Includes Hair Styling, Barrette Placement and Light Makeup. (12 Years and Under)
$40 - Flower Girls - Includes Hair Styling, Barrette and/or Wreath Placement, and Lip Gloss. (8 Years and Under)

$35 - Travel Fee
$35 - On Location Service


 ​$295 - Bridal Makeup Artistry - Includes makeup with lashes, on location service, travel fee and makeup touch up kit.
          - Bridal Hair Styling - includes hair styling, hair touch-up kit, hair piece and veil placement. 
          - In Studio Bridal Makeup Artistry Trial Run with Lashes.
          - In Studio Bridal Hair Styling Trial Run with Hair Decor and Veil Placement. 
          - In Studio Trial Run Before/After Photos.
          - Engagement Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling Session.
  $95  - Bridesmaids - Includes makeup artistry with lashes, hair styling, barrette placement and lip gloss.
  $40  - Flower Girls - Includes Hair Styling, Barrette and/or Wreath Placement, and Lip Gloss. (8 Years and Under)


$1200 Up To 12 Hours On-Location Service
           - Up To 12 Clients
           - In-Studio Bridal Makeup Artistry Trial Run With Airbrush and Lashes.           
           - In-Studio Bridal Hair Styling Trial Run With Extensions and Veil Placement
           - In-Studio Trial Run Before and After Photos         
           - Wedding Day Bridal Makeup Artistry With Airbrush and Lashes and Touch-Up Kit.
           - Wedding Day Hair Styling with Extensions, Hair Decor and Veil Placement.      
           - Travel Fee and Touch-up Kit.
           - Bridesmaids Makeup Artistry With Airbrush and Lashes.
           - Bridesmaids Hair Styling WIth Extensions and Barrette Placement.     

     *Please contact me for package deals on bridal parties larger than 6 clients.

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